Flux Forge

Ever Wondered Who Flux Forge are?

Flux Forge are two drunk guys on a couch delegating an army of slave programers, counting money and watching babylon 5. Ok, actually we wish we were like that but being two guys obsessed with getting better at making great Mac software is also pretty cool … I guess.

We founded Flux Forge in the summer of 2008 as a consulting agency located near Dusseldorf in Germany. But soon after we decide to make our own products and in 2010 we released our first app: Kvlt. Ever since then we specialized in making audio related software.

The youngest app we gave man-birth to is vector. Vector is an advanced audio recorder with simple editing capabilities. It's a stepping stone to world domin our next great product ...

You can follow us on twitter (@fluxforge) or drop us a mail: support@fluxforge.com

Flux Forge founders at work