Flux Forge

Finely crafted Mac software ...

Our software is finely hand crafted and made with passion. We opted for using traditional software craftsmanship techniques instead of automated assembly line production methods our competitors use. Though crafting our software this way takes longer the quality is above standard.

Nah, we're kidding. There's no automated assembly line factoring for software. But we still think our applications are great :)



Armadillo Audio Notes is the world's best audio notes application. Armadillo automatically synchronizes live recorded audio with written text and creates an archive of knowledge you can later always rely on. Armadillo is perfect for recording business meetings, presentations and for students who want to record lectures.


How To Make Better Audio Recordings of Your Dog.

Vector is an advanced audio recorder for Mac OS X 10.7+ with editing capabilities. It allows for super easy audio recording and editing. You can record any audio, cut out specific portions and export to wave, mp3, aac or aiff.

P! Voice

Voice Recording for the Rest of us.

Quickly create voice memos with Pragmatic! Voice.