5 Free Effect Plugins You Can't Afford to Miss

(Posted on January 30, 2017 by Admin)

Everyone likes to breathe new life into their work once in a while and what better way is there than some fancy effects? That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five great free Audio Unit plugins.


There’s a lot of free effect plugins out there and many of them are great. There are also many that are not that great or plainly refuse to work. Here are five that do work 100% of the time and do not require you to register anywhere or install any copy protection to harass you. And of course they all work with Vector 3!

Acon Digital Multiply

Multiply is probably the best sounding chorus you will ever hear. It uses a phase randomising filter on each of the up to 6 voices it simulates to avoid comb filter effects. Each of these voices you can modulate both the pitch and the amplitude of.

Additionally Multiply features a low cut, a low shelf, a high shelf and a high pass filter.

Acon Digital Multiply Screenshot

Get it here:

Audio Damage Fuzz Plus 3

Fuzz Plus 3 is a solid fuzz distortion plugin with a resonant low-pass filter modelled after the M20 analog synthesiser. There isn’t much else to mention since it doesn’t have many features, but what it does it does perfectly.

Audio Damage Fuzz Plus 3 Screenshot

Get it here:

TDR Nova

TDR’s Nova is a 4 band Equaliser Plugin with an intuitive graphic interface and a dynamic section helping it moonlight as a multi-band compressor. In fact I had trouble deciding on what to call it. Anyway this combined with its WYSIWYG interface makes it a versatile tool for almost every situation.

TDR Nova Screenshot

Get it here:

U-HE Protoverb

Protoverb just sounds great. It’s an experiment based on the idea of room simulation. Unlike algorithmic reverbs it models the reflections of sound from a room’s walls as well as the body of air in the room. The downside is that it’s hard ‘getting it right’. That’s probably why the developer decided on it only having three controls and a randomise button.

U-HE Protoverb Screenshot

Get it here:

TDE Kotelnikov

Another great plugin by TDE. This time it’s a professional mastering compressor. It has a multitude of applications and its interface is clean and easy to understand.

TDR Kostelnikov Screenshot

Get it here:

Thanks for reading!

This pretty much sums up our list of 5 great free Audio Unit plugins. If you know more awesome plugins please let us know!

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