Vector 3: The Mac Audio Editor

Mac Audio Editor Window

The Mac Audio Editor for people who are not sound engineers and just want to record something without getting a PhD in sound engineering!

So you want to record a little sound snippet for a new client and do some minor editing. “No problem, I just use Garage Band” you say. Well, now you’ve got two problems because what is a piano doing in your recording? And why would you want to add a guitar? You're not THAT musical. And a mixer? Isn’t that a kitchen appliance?!

Ok, maybe Garage Band is not the right tool for the task. But there must be something else. An easy-to-use audio editor “for the rest of us”. That can’t be that hard to find…

So you go and Google around and you come up with a free open source audio editor. Perfect! You think. But now you have three problems: You still need to record something, the open source stuff is overly complicated - AND - what if the time machine you obviously used to get back to 2004 breaks? Then you’re trapped IN A WORLD WITHOUT IPHONES… Wait, what time machine?! Well, one word: Open Source User Interface. It’s like 2004 - but without all the fun!

So maybe using open source is free but you don’t really like compiling the Linux kernel just to take a voice memo. And in the end you get what you pay for. So you leave for greener pastures and keep looking…

The next category you encounter are “Sound Studio” apps. Honking huge, slow, feature-overloaded and with more rotary buttons than a 1960era Soviet space capsule. You’re not a trained sound engineer so those “Studios” and “Pros” look pretty intimidating and you contemplate if you shouldn’t better spend the time it takes to learn those tools with getting a PhD in astro physics instead…

So back to Google. You change your search query a little, add “simple” to the the list and … well … the resulting apps are simple. In fact so simple that they aren’t really audio editors anymore. The complex ones have one button and a list of recorded files. The simpler ones just look like a 1980s tape deck. Which is cute. But you can’t get work done that way.

You just want to record a sound snippet, trim it a little and send it to your client. You don’t want to deal with tape decks, the Soviet space program, Linux kernels or Pianos and Mixers. You just want to record something, edit it a little and make a MP3 out of it. Nothing less, nothing more. Is that so impossible?!

No, it’s not impossible. Vector 3 was designed to do exactly that. It is a single track audio editor that is also great at recording. Just open a new Vector window, press the record button, do some editing and save as MP3, MP4, WAV, CAF, AIFF and many more audio formats. That’s it. Exactly what you wanted!

Vector 3 is also great at editing existing audio files, converting files between different formats (m4a -> mp3 and back for example), it also makes iPhone ringtones. Oh, and tape decks … yes … you can take your tapes and digitze them all with Vector 3. Just record the whole tape and Vector’s auto silence detection will mark each song for batch export to its own file. Turn Vinyls and Tapes into iTunes songs without much hassle. How cool ist that!

Vector 3 is ideal for everyone whose needs fall just between “simple” and “space program”. If you need more than a overly simplistic “one button” recording app but less than a “soviet space capsule” then Vector is perfect for you! It comes with a full manual that explains everything you need to know, a “cook book” which gives simple step by step recipes for the most common tasks and a dedicated support staff that will do anything humanly possible to help you out!

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Mac Audio Editor Record Mode

Infinite Undo

Vector keeps track of every change you make and supports infinite undo and redo. Undo and redo states even are saved with your document so you always can interrupt your editing session without worrying about lost data.

You won’t find this in any other audio editor!


Mac Audio Editor Edit Mode

High Quality Audio

With Vector you record and edit high quality audio. With a sampling rate of 44Khz and a bit depth of 32bit the audio quality is higher than CD audio.

Of course Vector only uses losssless editing so you’ll never have to worry about quality regression.


OS X Audio Editor and Recorder


Vector supports import and export of the most common audio file formats. MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, AIFF, CAF and M4R are no problem for Vector to handle. You can even import, edit and export iPhone ring tones!


Audio Editor for Mac


  • Supports sampling rates between 8kHz and 384kHz
  • Imports MP3, M4A, M4R, AAC, WAV, CAF, AIFF
  • Exports MP3, M4A, M4R, AAC, WAV, CAF, AIFF
  • Can create iPhone ringtones
  • Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Editing features like delete and trim
  • Supports 3rd party AU plugins
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Easy to follow manual

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