AUMatrixReverb, mono files and Output Bus errors

(Posted on August 18, 2016 by Admin)

From time to time we get support requests regarding AUMatrixReverb and an “output bus” error in Vector 3. This is not an error or bug but rather expected behavior. But you can work around it…

Sometimes when you try to apply an AUMatrixReverb effect to your Vector 3 document you get an error message saying:

“This effect doesn’t support the current audio format [output bus]”.

The cause for this error is that AUMatrixReverb won’t work with Mono files. It needs at least two channels to work correctly.

So to work around this behaviour follow these steps:

  1. Convert your file to stereo via “Edit -> Convert to Stereo”
  2. Apply AUMatrixReverb
  3. Convert your file back to mono via “Edit -> Convert to Mono [Mixdown]” (the mixdown part is important)
  4. Apply normalize via “Edit -> Normalize”

The result will be your mono file with AUMatrixReverb applied to it.

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