Vector 3.4 is here!

(Posted on October 07, 2018 by Admin)

We just released Vector 3.4. This is an update which brings compatibility fixes for macOS Mojave and fixes an ugly bug that would display stripes all over the waveform when run from a high resolution display.

We also added a new color scheme: It’s pretty much the default color scheme but without the red hue. You can find it under “View -> Vector 2 Color Scheme”.

Further we updated the app so it will now correctly open .aifc files. Which are just normal AIFF files with a different file extension.

The update is available for free for all Vector users. Direct download users can update now (Vector 3 -> Check for Updates…). Customers who bought the Mac App Store version will have to wait a few days till Apple’s reviewe team is through with their thorough examination of the new version.

Oh, btw, if you’re wondering how to get Soundflower to run on macOS Mojave, check out our Soundflower installation guide for Mojave.

Don’t know what Vector is? Vector is an audio editor for OS X that is designed to fit into the space between simple audio apps and full blown studio production tools. (Kinda like Cool Edit Pro for the Mac - if you are that old school).