Search It


Search It is always there. With one key press you can access Search It from any app or space on your Mac.


You can access up to three different search engines from Search It's main window. Just press shift, cmd or control.

Feature Rich

Search It is not limited to search engines only. For example you can search your iTunes library (and initiate playback).


A tool that's always active must not use much memory. Thus Search It is as memory efficient as possible.


Search It is freeware. It doesn't cost you anything.
Better yet: It saves you a lot of time!

Do you know this?

You want to look something up on the net. So you move your mouse pointer to the dock, look for your browser’s icon, click on your browser’s icon, move your mouse all the way up to your browser’s search field, click that search field and start to type. Or even worse - you first go to Google or Yahoo.

It's a conspiracy

Everyone of us does that mouse pushing and clicking every day. Several hundred times maybe. And it’s completely obsolete and just a waste of time. It's all because the mouse producing industry has brainwashed us! (Really!)

Fight the status quo!

So we came up with Search It. It’s just one key press to bring up a search field so you can start typing then press ENTER and you’re there. Without any mouse movement or clicking. Just a few keystrokes.

007 ...

Google is not enough. At least not for us! So we integrated support for Yahoo, Bing, IMDB, Wikipedia, Apple's Developer Connection, Wolfram Alpha, ... and a lot more search engines and services.

And because we are really lazy folks and hate switching apps we even included iTunes support. Yep, that's right. You can tell Search It which song you'd like to listen to and it will do the rest.

Nothing in life is free ...

Except Search It which is completely free.

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