Tune Buddy

See what is played

Never ever again switch to iTunes only to see what the current song's name is. Tune Buddy is always there.

Last.FM scrobber

Tune Buddy includes a light weight, low memory footprint last.fm scrobbler. Don't fight with Last.fm's bulky default scrobbler!

Be social

Tweet your music with one click. Or share it on your Facebook page. It's that simple!

You want it!

Get your Tune Buddy license now for $9.95!

Tune Buddy is handy

If you constantly switch to iTunes just to see what song is currently played - whether from your own library or a stream, then Tune Buddy is the right tool for you.

Tune Buddy sits in your menu bar and displays the track that is currently played in iTunes.
It's always there - on every space!

Tune Buddy is social

With Tune Buddy you can share your good taste in music with the whole world. Or at least with your friends ;-)

Tune Buddy supports Twitter, Adium, Facebook and Last.fm to help you spread the word.

Tune Buddy is a scrobbler

If you've ever felt annoyed by Last.fm's iScrobbler you will love Tune Buddy. Tune Buddy comes with a smart and simple scrobbler that will update your Last.fm account with your play list. Without being annoying.

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