Vector 3 - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements?

Vector 3 requires OS X 10.10 or later to run. The Mac model doesn't really matter as long as your Mac can run OS X 10.10.

If you want to do recording then an audio input device is required. Most Macs have one built-in (the microphone). But for best recording quality we suggest you get an inexpensive USB microphone.

Will Vector support my audio device?

Generally: As long as OS X supports your audio device then Vector 3 will also support it. Please note that some pro-grade devices with custom drivers might cause trouble.

In the current version, Vector also has no way to select the input/output channels. Which means that it will always record and play back from channel 0,1.

We're working on implementing channel selection for one of the next updates. Until then you can work around this by creating a virtual audio device in with the desired channels mapped to channel 0 and 1.

How many channels does Vector support?

Currently Vector supports Mono and Stereo editing/recording. Multi-channel support is planned for Vector 4.

How many tracks does Vector support?

Vector, currently, is a single track editor. We're working on support for multi-track editing for Vector 4 though.

Can I still download Vector 2?

If you're using OS X 10.8 or 10.9 and have purchased Vector from the the App Store the you should be able to automatically download Version 2.4.

If this is not the case or you can't find the download please contact us at

What's the difference between Vector and Vector Express?

Simply put: Vector Express is our attempt at offering a Trial version through the app store. It is fully functional but can save only 10 seconds of audio to a file.

We're not completely happy with that limitation and would like to offer a proper 30 day trial instead. Sadly there's no way to do this through the Mac App Store at the moment.

So one can say that the express version is ideal to test-drive Vector before buying.

What file formats are supported?

Currently Vector 3 can read and write the following file formats:

  • WAV
  • AIFF
  • CAF
  • MP3
  • M4A (both ALAC and lossy)
  • M4R
  • FLAC
  • OGG

Vector 3 can also read the audio data from MP4 videos. But it discards the video content in the process. So saving videos is not possible!

Which sampling rates are supported?

Currently, Vector 3 can record and edit at the following sample rates (@8, 16, 24, 32 bit):

  • 8192 Hz
  • 11025 Hz
  • 22050 Hz
  • 44100 Hz
  • 48000 Hz
  • 96000 Hz
  • 176400 Hz
  • 192000 Hz
  • 352800 Hz
  • 384000 Hz

Can I buy Vector 3 outside the App Store?

Yes. Just head over to the purchasing page to get a license key.

Can Vector record audio from other apps?

Yes, via Soundflower. The Manual contains a detailed explanation how to set up Soundflower in under 5 minutes.

You can download Soundflower for OS X 10.10 and later from here:

This version of Soundflower has been properly signed and works on OS X 10.10 and later.

Still have questions? Just send us an email to: