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Our users love Vector 3:

"I was really looking at a way to record and edit calls made through the computer as well as phone calls on speaker. Vector 3 is a fascinating and very complete answer for anything to do with manipulating sound as well as being a very elegant implementation. It does everything I want and very much more."

- Mac App Store Review (United Kingdom)

"I've used quite a bit of professional music mastering software. My favorite is the now nearly obsolete Bias Peak Pro. I was very pleased to discover Victor 3. It’s nearly as good as Peak Pro. Not only this, it can fly though editing like the SR-71 Blackbird flies though the air. It’s incredibly easy to use. For all non-professionals, I highly recommend this nifty product."

- Mac App Store Review (USA)

"Been using for a year and half. It lives up to all the things it says it does. I really dont have anything bad to say about and have never had a problem with it at all, and am still enjoying it!"

- Mac App Store Review (USA)

"I am dabbling in audio podcasts and needed an audio editor. I have to confess, I know very little about audio, but Vector 3 makes things super easy. I am sure I am only using the very basic of functions, but for the price, I have had excellent results that would have cost me a fortune to pay someone else to do. Amplify, cut, blend, add intro’s, optimise - All quick and easy to figure out. I would love them to have a more comprehensive user manual to really understand how to get the most out of their app - but so far I am super pleased with what I am able to do. Highly recommended!"

- Mac App Store Review (New Zealand)

"I love Vector 3. I have no reason to doubt it with frequent updates, and easy maneuvering , it is the perfect app for me as I record Audio books, voice overs for radio, TV and movies. The fact that I can also record live piano music and edit performances makes this the ideal app for my studio. The first Vector needed improvement, and the tech team most definietly brought their best game to the fixes…they addressed all the concerns that users were targeting, and they are prompt and efficient with their actions. I love this app, I can’t see any reason to shop for another or try to figure out another more touted app. This is the one for me"

- Mac App Store Review (USA)

"Much better and steadier than the last version! Keep on going! ;-)"

- Mac App Store Review (Switzerland)

"40 years ago I used to edit 1/4 reel to reel tape with a razor blade. That was a pain …. This software makes audio editing a breeze, packed with features to manipulate your audio recordings. A superb App."

- Mac App Store Review (United Kingdom)

"Easy, precise, perfect. I was skeptic about the price when I boght the Pro. version, would have liked it a little cheapper, but the trial version made me fall in love completely with the programm and buy the Pro. I’ve been using it for more than a year now and I’m very happy with my purchase. I’d like to share this great produc with my windows user friends, but they can’t find it for their machines, maybe it doesn’t exist, maybe they’re dumb"

- Mac App Store Review (Spain)

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