Tune Buddy

One license - All your Macs

No complicated licensing scheme. You buy one license and you may use Tune Buddy on all of your Macs.

One license - All your family

This one is easy too: You buy one license and everyone in your household may use Tune Buddy.

One license - All the updates

You will get all the future updates to Tune Buddy 1.x for free.

Once license - only $4.99!

Get your Tune Buddy license now for $4.99!

Buy now!

Do you remember the good time you had during your Tune Buddy trial? Do you want to feel that warm cozy feeling again? Do you think you can't live without Tune Buddy?

Then buy your Tune Buddy license now and feel like in the good old days!

What you get

We don't believe in complicated licensing schemes or DRM. This means: The purchase of one Tune Buddy license enables you to use Tune Buddy 1.x indefinitely on all of your Macs. Better yet, every member of your family/household may use Tune Buddy too. One license covers it all.

What about updates?

You get them too. All of them. For free. Your copy of Tune Buddy 1.x will always be up to date.


Tune Buddy is only $4.99 but the good feeling of owning wonderful software is priceless!

Payment Options

Our payment processor supports all major credit cards and Pay Pal.

Privacy Policy

We promise we will never send you any unsolicited emails or sell/give away your personal data. We store the information only in case you should ever want to recover a lost license.

We store only your name and your E-Mail address.

By purchasing a license of Tune Buddy you acquire the right to install and use Tune Buddy on any number of Mac computers you own. The license covers usage by every person living in your household. The license entitles you to free updates for Tune Buddy 1.x.

Any Questions?

If you need further assistance with purchase or you need bulk licenses contact us at: sales@fluxforge.com.